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October 15, 2011

To whom it may concern,

The Center for Political Economy (CPE) publishes, and distributes to interested members of the public, journals, newsletters, discussion papers, books, and other material on ecological science and environmental conditions, particularly the inter-relationships between economic activity, politics, culture, and the environment.  CPE conducts and participates in meetings, seminars, conferences, and workshops for the presentation and discussion of ecology and the environment, and their relationship to economics, politics, and culture.  CPE participates in scholarly and academic research on ecology and the environment, and their relationship to economics, politics and culture.  CPE publishes CNS, an international quarterly journal.  CPE organizes public meetings and panels at movement and professional conferences; subsidizes travel for women activists to participate in international conferences; engages in research on environmental education and local ecological history, and creates programs to educate the public and teach critical thinking skills that enable communities to address environmental concerns.

Our Center has agreed to offer fiscal sponsorship for the Community Life Network Inc. (CLN inc.) from October 17th, 2011 until they receive confirmation of their tax exempt status from the IRS.  Our tax id number is 77-0254129, classified as a  501 (c) 3, granted in 1990.  100% of the funds received to support this organization will be passed through to them.  We will oversee projects to ensure that they comply with the terms of any grants, and that resources are used in a manner consistent with the purposes for which they are allocated and our own non-profit status.

The Community Life Network Inc. is an umbrella organization that supports a variety of networks to find solutions to our collective 21st century problems.  This includes wellness, balance, ecology, sustainability, education and culture.  The Community LIFE Network also is the home of the WCTC which started as the Wellness Community Transformation Center under the original sponsorship from CPE back in 2006-2008.  Currently the WCTC is now called the World Collaborative for Transformative Community and establishes networks for transformative programs including innovation, entrepreneurship, interdependence, general assemblies, and global economic stability.  Additionally the CLN, within its educational programs, oversees a project called Digital Storytellers which teach Oakland high school students poetry workshops for Slam Poetry, and digitally records them and works with students to teach technological applications of video editing to create professional versions of their vocal art.  The CLN receives grants, membership, public donations, and in kind donations for its self reliance and continuity.


Barbara Laurence, Secretary Treasure, CPE

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