The Everything Network, is just that, a Network that can encompass everything and anything.  When building and developing resources to support our solutions to the problems facing our communities and greater civilization, there is no need to leave any resource out of reach.  So it could take a long time, possible forever, to completely network everything together, but slowly we can make strides to connect the most important aspects of our communities.

Everything Network

The center of the Everything Network is the WC.TC.  The WC.TC is a website that can become anything, but currently its main manifestation is for it to become the World Collaborative for Transformative Community (WCTC).  There are many other networks in the works which will spoke out from the WC.TC, but we have two networks that are starting to bud, which are linked bellow, and a third which will be linked soon.


The Wellness Network (not linked yet)

Networks Being formed Right Now:

General Assemblies Network (GAN)

Other future networks coming include:

Art Network

Spirituality Network

and more...

Job Creation Network
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